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Thank You


Hi everyone,

It's been over a week since we played the last gig of the North American tour with The Cure. I've now had some time to let the experience sink in a bit (I don't think it ever truly will tbh) and wanted to write a quick message of thanks. I'll try to keep it brief as I could write for days about how great an experience it was. Here goes…….

First of all I don't think we could say "Thank You" enough to The Cure for the opportunity. We were treated so well by the band and their crew. Their words of encouragement and faith in what we do by giving us the opportunity to play these prestigious gigs is something that we'll never forget or take for granted. The whole experience was inspiring. Each night once we packed up after our set and took five minutes to relax I headed out to watch The Cure's show. They played a different set every night and this in turn (plus some inspiring words from Robert) encouraged us to do the same.

I want to thank our crew: Chris, Andy, JP, Ray and our driver V. Without these amazing people we cannot do what we do.

Being able to share this experience with our friends, family and people who have helped/supported the band over the years was a wonderful thing.

To all the people that were introduced to our music I thank you for all the nice messages you sent and that I'd see after our set or wake up to in the morning. We met so many good people and many new friendships were made over the past 8 weeks.

Having Simon wear our t shirt and Robert's kind words about our band before dedicating "A Forest" to us on the last night was the icing on the cake of what was a great tour.

All the best to you and yours



p.s Lets do it all again in Europe.